Top Level Federal Government of Nigeria

About Us

This E-Participation was developed and is maintained by Hephzibah Integrated Services, a technology consulting firm that focuses on designing and delivering technology based solutions to governments across the world.

We have developed a holistic, people oriented approach grounded in a good understanding of deploying and delivering government to citizen communication strategies and solutions using a simple and user friendly citizen interaction system and a clear appreciation of appropriate technologies and means of achieving maximum return.

We have now built, deployed and currently managing an Integrated Citizen to Government Interaction Portal, which comprises of a Digital Interaction Module for OSGF under a Public-Private Partnership agreement. This project seeks to provide a single point of citizen interaction to contact anytime, day or night, and interact with a citizen service representative or systems that can assist them with a wide range of service requests and information.

On top of the passionate, fast-growing team of entrepreneurs at OSGF E-Participation, it is really only made possible by the amazing volunteers, citizens, and members of governments large and small who are passionate about everything civic.