Top Level Federal Government of Nigeria

A digital E-participation connection between Citizens and all MDAs in Nigeria.

People want public services that work, they want them to be easy to find out about, simple to use and responsive to their needs. They want them to deal with their requirements, preferably in one go. If they cannot do this, they want to know by when they will be dealt with. They do not want to be passed between different offices or handled by staff that know little or nothing about them. In particular, they want to be treated as individuals.

In its nature, Nigeria is a large government. The importance of information in all aspects of our lives cannot be over-emphasized. Information affects all facets of our lives. Availability of information has several advantages including improvement in decision making, cost savings, life preservation, time savings, and improvement of general quality of life to mention a few.

Furthermore having instant and timely access to information increases the usefulness and advantages of information.

In line with the intentions of the present administration, we have developed the use of technology to bridge this gap through the deployment of a digital citizen interaction portal to handle five major interaction types.

The OSGF E-participation portal is a communications platform for citizens to submit ideas and report non-emergency issues, and governments to track, manage, and reply--ultimately making communities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation.

They say all politics is local. While we're not political, we do believe that changes that have a real impact on our daily lives occur at every level. It's our goal to provide the best tools for residents and governments to communicate for all sizes, populations, and budgets.

E-Participation could not be done without help.

  1. Submit Idea – Unsolicited - Users are able to submit ideas to any MDA in the country.

  2. Submit Idea – Solicited - Subscribed MDAs - MDAs can run crowdsourcing campaigns using the portal. For example, if they need to seek idea contribution from the public, ideas can be captured, mined and reported.

  3. Request for Information - Users are able to request for information from any MDA. The request will be sent to the MDA, evidence of submission will be published

  4. Make a Complain - Users are able to make a complaint against any MDAa response from the MDA will be followed through

  5. Report an Issue - Users are able to report an issue. This is normally generic in nature and relates more to infrastructure.

The integrated citizen to government interaction portal is a communications platform for citizens to report issues, raise suggestions and make complaints to government; whilst on the government side, the MDAs will be able to track, manage, and reply--ultimately making communities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation.

Merits of this service include:

  • Increasing public relations and grassroots governance by providing information hitherto viewed as inaccessible or difficult to procure.

  • The project once completed will operate remotely and will not burden the space of any parastatal except for walk-in centres.

  • The interaction portal will be operable 24hrs a day and be able to handle enquiries and deliver and process information according to the work flow rules defined
  • The portal will be able to offer citizens an option to communicate in, as many languages are required

It is our strong belief that this service will bring about the necessary boost to facilitate the creation of an atmosphere for business and citizen development. Successful deployment of the project will further make Nigeria a place of international standards.